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I’m a man, and I’m crying today.

I laughed yesterday because I heard a funny joke. That stand-up comedian set up a punchline just so it would relate to me.

“Someone who is dating unknowingly does cringy things”

I’m Angry, the night after watching Stand up comedy because I’m upset

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She took a long trip to his apartment. Nothing special, as boring as years before. Tonight, it will just be her and him at France’s restaurant, celebrating his birthday.

He didn’t like surprises. He’s the one who checks forecast before going out, watches reviews before buying things.

As she threw…

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My wife believes that after we have sex, she will lift her leg up and lean against wall. “Gravity will help sperm swim toward the ovum.” she said.

But I said, “ It’s useless. ” not that I don’t believe her theory but I checked myself to the doctor before.


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I’ve always been triggered when a thought flying like a hook from a song :

My Brother is more attractive than me.

My Brother is smarter than me.

He knows how to talk to girls when I can’t even stand to talk with anyone.

He has so many exes, I have ex-friends.

He’s good with kids, and husband material, I’m the childish one.

I stood in front of the mirror, I look myself in it and I said “You’re fine. Don’t you realize all those differences just make you, you, yourself, not your brother?”

That day I accepted myself.

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The Gravediggers buried my wife in friendless hole. No Air. No light. No spaghetti, Her favorite food.

“My job is done.” Gravedigger said to me.

Hi, My name is Za.Feel free give me a critic or advice.

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My mother forbade me to eat ice cream when I was a child. “Sugar Rush.” She said.

My wife forbade me to eat ice cream when she saw me secretly take the ice cream I bought for my child from the fridge. “You have diabetes.” She said and she took back the ice cream.

But I’m a dissident. I never listen to their advice, because when I eat ice cream,the ice cream whispers to my mouth, brain, and belly, “You’ll never be happy if you always listen to other people’s advice.”

I took the last bite and wiped my mouth.

Hi/ My name is Za. I would be honored if you give me some advice for my story (I’m not that guy above). And help me reach 100 followers,which is 96 left.

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When you see me lying on the street in worst position to sleep,I’m not crazy,I’m not sleeping.But please shake my body like you wake someone up from sleep,please look signs of breathing,please check my pulse,put your left hand on my left chest,please check if there is a heartbeat you feel.

Because I don’t think this building is tall enough to make me die.

But I you can’t do it anymore.Now I’m shaking your body,looking for signs of breathing,checking your pulse and heart rate.I also held your leg hoping I could save you like you saved my life and pulled me.

You said someone will die at the right time,so i don’t need jump from that building, “But is now the right time ? because I’m starting to believe in love again.”

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One thing they still do in their 6 years of marriage, at nightfall, on the couch, they hug each other, looking for something.

“I don’t love you anymore.”Said The husband honestly to his wife.

The wife still hugged her husband tightly. “ Why don’t you just divorce me? ”


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Mereka menemukan solusi untuk masalah yang mereka hadapi saat ini yaitu mereka punya anak.

Rumah mereka dibeli saat mereka baru menikah dan tidak punya banyak uang.1 Kamar tidur,1 Kamar mandi,dan 1 Ruang keluarga,Makan,dan dapur yang menjadi satu.Sebuah rumah kecil di pinggiran kota.Mereka akhirnya memutuskan untuk merenovasi rumah itu.Ada …

Hari ini seharusnya berjalan seperti hari biasa yang ku lalui.Bangun pagi,lalu otakku tidak tahu apa yang harus kulakukan hari itu,padahal aku tahu bagaimana hari ini bermula dan berakhir.Setelah itu aku main sosial media,sekolah daring dan hari gelap,aku kembali tidur.Tapi hari ini tidak,hari ini berbeda.Aku harus ke rumah mantanku.Mengambil semua barangku…


I have a plan.

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